Course Syllabus

Course Description / Overview:

Grades: 6th - 10th

This course provides complete coverage of the core Java programming language with object-oriented programming principles and gives students the strong language foundation required for any Java-based development environment. This course covers core coding skills in Java-like variables, loops, conditions, class, void method, GUI programming widgets like buttons, labels, etc.


Classes will be divided into small groups with 1: 6 teacher: students ratio


Class Goals/Outcomes:

  • Java Programming coding basics knowledge.


Course Outline:




Day  1      

Topics: Variables, Math functions, conversion, random

Activity: Getting Started with Eclipse, Writing codes using variables, etc

Day  2

Topic: Conditions, switch, scanner

Activity: Employee salary calculation 

Day  3

Topic: Loop - for loop, while loop, do while loop

Activity: Employee Email generating program

Day  4

Topics:  Method, return, static, parameters

Activity: Calculating cube area

Day  5

Topics: Arrays and Arraylist

Activity: sorting with array and ArrayList

Day  6

Topic: Introduction to swing, creating frame, labels

Activity: Creating a Company GUI page

Day  7

Topics: Button, Action listener, text field

Activity: First Math Application

Day  8

Topic: Application - RPS Game Application

Activity: Complete the Project & make jar file


Student Expectations / Classroom Policies:

  • Decent typing skills
  • Kids should know how to use some keyboard shortcuts-

    Windows Commands:

    CTRL /            to comment and uncomment on

    CTRL z           to undo

    CTRL c           to copy

    CTRL v           to paste

    CTRL +           to make the font bigger on

    CTRL -            to make the font smaller on


    Mac Commands

    COMMAND /             to comment and uncomment on

    COMMAND z            to undo

    COMMAND c            to copy

    COMMAND v            to paste

    COMMAND +            to make the font bigger on

    COMMAND -             to make the font smaller on


  • Some Zoom Feature:

                How to screen share on zoom

                How to use chat for text message on zoom

  • Before class starts, create an account on 

    We will use an online editor for this class Below is the link for an editor. Kids will require to create a login to use it. 

     (Links to an external site.)Repl Online Editor Link (Links to an external site.)

    Video tutorials on how to use



    Progressive Kids Lesson Setup Video:


What Should I bring to Class?

  • Access to windows or Mac laptop
  • Internet access