Course Syllabus

Course Description / Overview:

Extra, Extra Write all about it! As this pandemic progresses, students are currently seeing history unfold and this class they will learn how to write about it as it effects them. In this class students will learn the basics of journalism. We will discuss topics such as journalistic integrity, interviewing techniques, how to write a good headline, different types of articles, and how writing the news differs from other writing styles. By the end of the class, students will have created their own newsletter to keep or distribute. 


Class Goals/Outcomes:

  • Students gain an understanding of the role and responsibility of the news media in shaping people’s understanding and knowledge of the world
  • Students will gain an understanding of how news writing differs from other styles of writing
  • Students will work together to create a newsletter.


Course Outline:

Day 1

Intro to Class and What is Journalism?

Activity: Who, What, Where, Why, and How

Day 2

Finding the Story:Research and Interviews

Activity: Reporter Game

Day 3

Writing Basics 

Pitch Meeting

Activity: Starting Article 1

Headlines and Captions

Finding Visuals

Activity: Write Article 1

Day 5

Finding Second Articles

Writing Articles

Day 6

Finishing Articles

Peer Edit

Day 7

Peer Edit and Layout 

Finding Fillers

Day 8 Layout and Publish


Student Expectations / Classroom Policies:

  • Appropriate, polite behavior and language is required at all times.
  • This is a collaborative class, students will be required to work effectively together
  • Students will be respectful of each other and the instructor
  • There will be free writing time in this class, students are expected to stay on topic during those times.


What Should I bring to Class?

  • Access to Google Docs or other Word Processor
  • Access to Camera 
  • Blank Notebook
  • Pencils or Pens
  • Access to Photoshop (30  day free trails available)